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Activities in Castelluccio
  Castelluccio and the surrounding area offer a host of outdoor and sporting activities – from simple walks in the fields and beech woods to more demanding treks in the Sibillini mountains (Vettore, Infernaccio and Sibilla). There’s also free flying – holiday flying courses, tandem flying with a pilot for tourists or the simple pleasure of just watching expert paragliders in action. There’s horse trekking or riding lessons on the Pian Grande and an endless number of mountain bike trails to suit all levels. Naturally, there are also winter sports with two ski stations on the plateau –
Forca Canapine and Monte Prata, one of the most spectacular cross-country ski areas in Italy with excellent possibilities for extreme ski-ing.
It is also a feast of visual and sensory arts – smooth, gentle lines that brush the plateau with a touch of the Orient. So different from our normal idea of mountains – sometimes in full bloom, sometimes barren or snow-covered – a place of the heart and of reason that exudes energy and suffering, constantly changing with each hour that passes more so than with the passing of the seasons. It’s a symbolic place for the world’s photographers and a muse for artists and free spirits. Not surprisingly, many short and full-length films, adverts and music videos have been shot here.
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