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Restaurant in Castelluccio

Restaurant in Castelluccio
  Our menu is almost exclusively centred on genuine and natural cooking typical of the Castelluccio area and based on our agricultural-woodlands-sheep farming traditions – the organic lentils from our fields, the sheep’s meat and cheese from sheep reared in the wild and the fruits of the woodlands such as herbs and mushrooms. We always seek to use ingredients that are native to the area or the region if unavailable from our land. From our starters (antipasti), we particularly recommend the unforgettable local Salami and
the extraordinary Coratina di Agnello (lambs’ offal such as the kidneys and heart) in white wine and Farecchiata (a traditional local polenta seasoned with oil and anchovies). After a hearty soup of lentils, spelt or mixed legumes, our signature first course dishes include the unmissable Tortelloni stuffed with fresh ricotta and wild herbs, Canaloni del Vettore, Strengozzi alla Norcina (an Umbrian pasta and cream sauce with Umbrian sausages), Gnocchi of potato and wild spinach with mutton ragù and Tagliolini pasta served with Norcian black truffle. Our grilled meats are of organic quality with true taste. Thoroughly recommended is the Castrato (mutton), grilled lamb (Agnello) or beef (Tagliata) and beef fillet with black truffle – not forgetting, of course, the Frittata made with fresh ricotta cheese and black truffle. Depending on the season, there is also wild spinach (violatri), turini mushrooms, wild elderberry jam and that of a native plum to the area called broncole to accompany our selection of quality local cheeses. Among our desserts is ricotta tart and homemade biscuits with vin santo or the Umbrian dessert wine, Sagrantino Passito. We have more than 60 wines on our wine list, many from central Italy and some fantastic Umbrian wines in particular. Our organic extra virgin olive oil is from Colli Martani.
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